Seasonal Flowers For Wedding Bouquets

Opting for seasonal flowers for wedding bouquets can not only help you save a bit of cash (that you can channel into, say, your shoe budget), but making this choice will also ensure that the blooms you’ve picked are delivered at the peak of freshness. On top of all this, choosing a bouquet of seasonal flowers can help to offset the carbon footprint of your wedding day — a little fact that you can pat yourself on the back for after the gifts have been unwrapped and the thank you cards sent.

Bruno Duarte, the creative mind behind Toronto’s Fresh Floral Creations says he has seen an increasing number of brides opting for seasonal foliage and flowers for wedding bouquets. “I try to get as much local product as possible,” says Duarte. “Seasonal flowers are more readily available and they can keep arrangements more cost-effective,” he adds.

To aid in your search for the perfect bunch to carry down the aisle we asked Duarte to recommend the best seasonal flowers for wedding bouquets broken down month by month. We also asked him for advice on which leaf, branch or bloom best complements each floral choice so that your arrangement can look its absolute best. Some of his choices might surprise you — for example, Duarte recommends tulips as winter flowers and kale as a non-floral alternative for October brides! Read on to see the seasonal flower suggestion for your wedding month.


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