School-Themed Wedding Ideas


Engaged educators take note: we’ve scoured far and wide for A+ wedding ideas and inspiration sure to earn top marks for your school-themed wedding.

Our first stop: Hart House at the University of Toronto, a fabulous venue for a school-themed wedding. Resembling a little plot of Oxford, Cambridge or Hogwarts, Hart House is ideal for couples more inspired by roaring fireplaces and leather-bound books than glittery banquet halls. Enoch Turner Schoolhouse is another great location for a school-themed wedding. Originally built in 1848, Enoch TurnerĀ  is a bona fide member of the Ontario Heritage Trust, featuring Gothic-style windows, exposed beams and tons of Victorian charm.

Wherever the location, educators can draw inspiration from the classroom, cafeteria, even playground to create a unique celebration reflective of their vocation. One of the best places to score clever, school-themed wedding decor, jewellery and general supplies is Etsy (we’ve included some of our favourites below). Not only can you find some great stuff but everything is handmade by independent artisans, sure to lend a crafty, classroom touch to your school-themed wedding celebration.

We’ve also tracked down some adorable DIY projects (pencil push pops, anyone?) easy enough for a kindergartner to tackle.

Find someone else to cover your cafeteria shift, sit back and get ready to Pin, bookmark and enjoy a ton of fun ideas for your school-themed wedding!

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