These Sandwich-Style Wedding Cakes Are The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of


When Toronto chef and restaurateur Anthony Rose—the guy behind popular eateries like Rose and Sons, Fat Pasha and Bar Begonia—came up with the idea to add a bakery to his Ossington Avenue smoked fish and bagel shop, Schmaltz Appetizing, at the end of last year, he didn’t want to peddle just any old pastries. He partnered with pastry chef Nicole Bilyea, and together they invented the concept for Schmakes (and yes, they are the only schmake store in the world). The schmakes are basically like playful cake sandwiches, topped with icing and stuffed with all sorts of decadent goodness. “We wanted to do something fun and different, that was similar to how you’d build a bagel,” says Rose.

At Schmaltz, visitors can come in, choose their schmake flavour, decide on a sweet schmear and add their “munch” and “crunch” (the former includes toasted meringues and fudge sauce while the latter features ingredients like malted sponge toffee and pop rocks). They’ve also pre-approved a few schmake combos, like the Tutti Frutti, which is a Froot Loops schmake layered with confetti schmear, whipped maraschino nougat and Froot Loop streusel. When it comes to wedding-appropriate schmake options, “The sky’s the limit,” says Rose. Bilyea will work with couples to figure out their schmake goals: couples can order mini schmakes stacked in a pyramid, buy one extra-large schmake or get something totally customized—like a personalized schmake bar for guests. It’s rare in Toronto when a totally new, non-gimmicky dessert (that’s actually easy to eat!) hits the scene, and we predict your guests will want to have their schmake and eat it, too.

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