Royal Wedding in April?

It’s been less than a week since Prince William and Kate Middleton officially announced their engagement, and like any other wedding, things are moving along very quickly!

While there was no official date set at the time of the announcement, only that the royal wedding would take place sometime in the spring or summer of 2011, it now appears as if a date in late April 2011 could mark the big day.

The dates just after Easter — around April 28 — are the current frontrunners, as the couple is in the process of working out details with “relevant parties” such as the police and the government, a palace official tells Also, William and Kate wish to make sure that the main guests can attend.

A date sometime late April or early May works out perfectly for the couple, as it would be after Easter and the period of Lent, which William’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth observes and takes seriously. Also, the speculative dates are well before polo season which the groom-to-be partakes in.

The pair do have another date in mind, in case their first choice doesn’t work out. “Prince William and Miss Middleton have a specific date and venue in mind, and Prince William’s household is consulting with all relevant parties,” a senior royal aide tells The Sunday Telegraph. “However, they are realistic that for one reason or another, their first-choice date may not work for all parties involved, and so they have selected a second choice summer date. Traditionally royal weddings take place on a weekday, usually a Friday rather than a Saturday, so a weekday is likely.”


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