Royal Wedding Cake Revealed

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How sweet it is for Catherine and William to have a delicious 8-tier confection made out of 17 individual fruit cakes by Fiona Cairns. The timeless cake was designed in all white and cream using a Joseph Lambeth technique (fun fact: Bonnie Gordon, founder of Bonnie Gordon College predicted this method would be HUGE and they just launched a class for the Lambeth technique a few weeks back), which is an intricate dimension of piping. Included with the cake are 900 individually iced flowers of 17 different blooms, which all have a special meaning. Additionally, a garland in the middle of the wedding cake was created to mimic the architectural designs of the garland around the picture gallery in Buckingham Palace, where the cake is displayed (source: CBS). Everything about the royal couple’s cake is classic, beautiful and utter perfection!

Getty Images Entertainment

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