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Reception Venue Ideas

  |   By Agata Zieba

Weddings have come a long way since the days of traditional church ceremonies and local hall banquet receptions. Now you can choose a reception venue that suits your style and reflects who you and your groom are as a couple. Check out these contemporary concepts for your perfectly-suited soiree.

Outdoor Tent Party A reception venue in the great outdoors is perfect for nature-loving couples who want to have a romantic and whimsical affair. A tent is a great way to weatherproof your day by providing shade from the sun or cover from the rain—not to mention it can look super cute! Hang paper lanterns from the ceiling or add drapes in your colour scheme to incorporate the tent into your wedding theme.

Bewitching Barn Country girl at heart? Having your reception in a cleaned up barn could possibly be the cutest idea yet. The mix of a beautiful dress and a wooden fence or an old red barn is a stunning and charming contrast, especially for your wedding photos. Use lots of candlelight and wood accents to add to the natural, rustic vibe. For a personal touch, get your initials carved into the wooden chairs that your guests will be sitting on.

Lavish Castle If you’ve always dreamed of being a princess, there’s no better place than a castle to have your wishes come true. Sparkling chandeliers, high ceilings and luxe linens are staples for any lavish reception, and will make your guests feel as though they’re attending a royal affair. If the location is a bit of a far drive for your guests, see if the castle offers overnight accommodations–something that will be much appreciated by family and friends.

Modern Art Gallery Chic and sophisticated is the perfect way to describe an art gallery reception. Play up your artsy personality in a gallery room that provides an unfussy venue location. An art gallery could be perfect for your budget since you can keep the decorating to a minimum and have the gallery pieces stand out as your main decor. Minimalism can be stunning too!

Sunset Beach Take advantage of the natural scenery surrounding this type of venue by hosting a seaside reception. Tons of lush flowers and seashells are great accents that highlight your location. As for lighting, use lanterns as centrepieces and stick wicker torchlights in the sand. Make sure to have plenty of flip-flops for guests like grandma, who might not own a pair!

Country Club Chic A reception at a country club is the perfect mix of a traditional dinner with a more relaxed atmosphere. Enjoy some privacy while still having plenty of room for your guests to roam around and enjoy the outdoors. Many country clubs offer wedding packages, most of which include catering and wait staff. Choose a location near a lake to get a cozy cottage feel.

Swanky Restaurant Is a chic and intimate reception your kind of affair? If so, go for elegance in a ritzy restaurant where you’ll be surrounded by your closest family and friends as you all sit together at a long table–with you and your groom in the middle, of course! Restaurants are ideal for an ultra-intimate event. Your best bet is to rent out the entire facility, if possible, for complete privacy.  
This article was originally published on Jan 23, 2013

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