Pretty Peonies


Last week I was out for a business breakfast at Toronto’s Four Seasons Hotel. Walking into the lobby they had the most amazing display of peonies, blood orange-meets-coral in colour, presented in a tall, cylindrical vases. Seeing these dramatic arrangements reminded me just how much I love peonies and how amazing they look in centrepieces and bouquets. Peony season is typically from late April through June. They can definitely be found outside of these seasons, but you may have to do a little more research to track them down and be prepared to pay a premium as they will have to be imported. Totally worth the investment if you are a peony lover I think. They are glorious.


One comment on “Pretty Peonies
  1. peonylady says:

    Beautiful bouquet. I love peonies and especially adore seeing it in wedding bouquets. I grow peonies at the Peony Farm and so look forward to seeing them in bloom every year. I just hope that the peonies will be OK this year what with all the rain we got in Washington.

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