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Postcard Invitations

  |   By Carrie Ye

As part of our plan to reduce our impact on the environment, we had to think hard about out wedding invites. Sure, the most environmentally friendly way to do it is to send out evites, but I’ve always loved receiving the beautiful wedding invites from my friends in the mail. There’s something antiquated and traditional about getting an invitation (or anything other than bills, for that matter) in the mail.

The compromise: send out postcard invites. That way we can reduce the amount of paper that would go towards envelopes and RSVP cards (and their envelopes), and maps, and registry info, and so on, and so on. The problem with a postcard is that there is little room for text, so the invite has the basic minimal information, and then it directs people to our wedding website for more information.

This sounds easy, but being totally technologically un-savvy, I didn’t really know how to turn these ideas into an actual postcard. Enter: Kim Sparks.  She is one of my super-duper bridesmaids (who happens to be getting married this summer as well!) and a brilliant graphic designer.

We basically gave her a picture we liked (us in a canola field near Canmore) and she came up with several different versions of our invitations for us to choose from. Kim puts so much thought and care into everything she does and it showed with our invitations. And that fake “stamp” on the front of the postcard? She went on Facebook and found pictures of our profiles, which she traced to make silhouettes of our heads! Isn’t that creative of her? Plus, she was able to find a printing company that carries post-consumer paper and vegetable-based ink!

Now we just have to make our website!  Any suggestions on easy-to-use sites?

PS:  If you need a great graphic designer, Kim Sparks does free-lance work.  Her email is:

This article was originally published on May 06, 2010

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