Planning Video Series: The Engagement

Earlier this month the Weddingbells team put together a 20-video planning series, to address each step of the wedding planning process. From the moment you get engaged to the details you need to take care of after the big day is over, every aspect of your wedding was addressed by our editor-in-chief Alison McGill. We developed these series with the hopes that it too will help you plan, stay organized and feel like you know what do to and when. Video 1 is appropriately titled: The Engagement, which answers the question – What do you do the moment you get engaged? See the video here!


2 comments on “Planning Video Series: The Engagement
  1. Ireland says:

    Useful video, most important point is to enjoy being engaged. So many people get caught up in the drama and stress of planning an amazing wedding. My view is that the wedding day is there to be enjoyed, not judged.

  2. Emily says:

    What a fun series!! It was nice to see Alison talking too :) Looking forward to more videos!

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