How To Plan An Ultra-Personal Same-Sex Wedding


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To celebrate Pride Month and all things love, we wanted to collect some of the best tips for planning a same-sex wedding to help all couples plan out their special day. As you may suspect. planning a wedding with two brides, or two grooms isn’t all that different from planning a wedding with a bride and groom. We asked Arthur Kerekes of Fusion Events for his top pieces of advice when it comes to planning a same-sex union.

  1. Do you. Don’t worry about conforming to any norms, Kerekes advises. “There aren’t really any rules when it comes to weddings, except for the legality of it.” Plan a celebration that’s exactly what you want, and that suits you and your partner’s personalities the best. After all, the day is about you!
  2. Get an idea if your vendors values ideal with yours. “Unfortunately, not everyone is accepting of same-sex weddings,” Kerekes says. “Therefore it’s important to let your vendors know right away upon contacting them that it’s a same-sex wedding—that way you’re not wasting your time if your values don’t align.” Luckily, there are plenty of vendors who are accepting of same-sex weddings, and will be happy to provide you the same services they provide any other couple.
  3. Create your own traditions and customs. “Same-sex weddings tend to create their own customs, traditions and rituals,” Kerekes shares. “As a planner, it’s refreshing to see new takes on the same old same old.” Like any wedding, the more your details are personalized to suit you and your partner, the more the celebration will truly represent you.
  4. Have fun with the events of the day. For Kerekes, the ceremony is one element that most couples customize to make their own, straying from tradition. Kerekes recalls. “One wedding we planned was was officiated by a group of friends where the legal paperwork was done the night before, and the ceremony was full of laughter, with all of the couple’s friends standing around them in no particular order—it was a very interactive ceremony with guests playing a big role.”

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