How To Plan The Perfect Post-Wedding Brunch

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The wedding brunch has become a staple of the weekend wedding celebration. We love the idea of the after-party brunch for your nearest and dearest—there is no better way to wrap up your wedding festivities with a bang than with an indulgent spread of breakfast favourites, lattes and mimosas. By adding another element to your wedding, you are of course adding to your budget, which means taking a careful look at this event, how many you invite and how you execute it. We recommend including your brunch in your wedding planning costs, but putting together a separate brunch party plan for it.

Your brunch prep can start early in your wedding planning process (you should decide early on if this will be a part of your celebration). While inviting everyone who attended your wedding to the brunch may sound like a sweet way to tie off the events, if you had a large number of wedding guests you may not want to serve such a large meal a second time. A smaller and simpler brunch will allow you to really talk to your most important wedding guests before you leave on your honeymoon or they travel back home. This generally means inviting your bridal party and some close family. The odds are these are the people who were there for you throughout the planning process and may deserve an extra thank you to end your party. Invitations for brunch should be separate from your wedding invite. You can choose to do this via a formal paper invitation or an email invitation (do not deploy this on social media, EVER!), whichever is your preference. Just like your wedding invitation, be specific who the brunch invite is for so you can have an accurate head count of people attending.

After your wedding day, your post-celebration brunch should allow you to relax and enjoy the company of your guests without taking on too much of a hostess role again. Asking your mother or mother-in-law to assist with the brunch plans is a great idea if you think they are game for it, plus it allows you to enjoy your company without worrying. While a brunch can be as formal or as informal as you like, a buffet-style meal is our preference because it creates a casual environment and lets you actually chat with guests! It’s also a great meal style as you may have guests rolling in at different times during brunch, depending on when they have to head home.


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