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How To Plan A Low-Key Bachelorette With Your Bridesmaids

  |   By Angie Kovacs

Most wedding movies showcase a bachelorette party as a wild night of drinking and partying. The evening as seen as a celebration of the brides "last night of freedom"—a time to go wild before settling down.  However, the reality is that more and more brides are opting to throw their bachelorette party in more low-key venues with less wild antics to celebrate their upcoming nuptials with their bridal party. 

While the wild hen weekend in Vegas may be right for some brides-to-be, it’s not something that is right for everyone. Connie Bell, who was married in the summer of 2018, chose to keep her bachelorette celebration chill after her bridal party insisted she have one at all. The soirée was held at a cottage and while there were cocktails, it wasn’t the focus of the evening. Bell says she really want to just hang with friends and loved ones. “I just wanted to have an amazing dinner and evening with my bridesmaids.” 

Bride Erin Wierenga had a similar notion for her own bachelorette party. While she chose to have a celebration, her bridal party planned the weekend away to the beach. Erin adds that they “did an amazing job. They clearly knew me because they hit all the things that made it the best weekend.” The casual weekend didn't need to be over-the-top to make it memorable. 

Bridesmaid Kali Pieters, who was in the bridal party at both weddings enjoyed the more laid-back weekends that were suited to the brides. “I think their personalities kind of reflect the kind of party they had. The bridal party made sure it was something they would enjoy rather than dread.” 

While we often see this wild night as a rite-of-passage there are no rules set in stone. The most important part of any bachelorette party is that the bride is surrounded by the people she loves, able to celebrate the bliss she is about to enter into. The party should reflect what the bride-to-be wants and the friendships that she has. Here are three amazing ideas to propose to your girls if you want a party that's chill.

1. Afternoon Tea. This is one of our favourites ways to celebrate and it never gets old. Afternoon tea is a ritual to be savoured and enjoyed with friends. There are so many amazing tea services happening in hotels and restaurants today, the challenge will be picking the pefect one for you. Her are suggestions for some great ones.

2. Spa Day. Spend the whole day at the spa getting pampered... that's something everyone can get behind! Many spas offer girls packages for just such an occasion, with additions such as lunch and bubbly. Sounds like heaven!

3. A Wellness Retreat. Instead of having a boozy weekend, sign on for a few days of zen at a wellness retreat. This is the perfect way to relax, detox and destress before your big event. You can find one that's local to you, or there are many amazing ones around the world should you want to travel for it!


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