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Plan A Whimsical Wedding Inspired By Books

  |  By Nicole Keen

Are you and your mister bookworms at heart? Let your love of the written word inspire your wedding celebration! There are many easy ways to incorporate books into your party, from centrepieces to favours and everything in between. If you want to embrace your whimsical side and attempt a literary-inspired occasion, you'll have to think (and read) between the lines. Inspired by real weddings, we can't look away from discover our favourite book-related wedding ideas.


Piles of vintage villains

Photo courtesy Brandon Scott Photography

Piles of colourful vintage books make easy (and interesting!) centrepieces. If you've got a collection at home, now's the time to bust out your favourite titles and put them on full display. Whether you're a horror fanatic, a fiction lover, or a classics devotee, let your wedding theme reflect the literary titles you love.


Make a mobile

Photo courtesy ee photography via Green Wedding Shoes

A mobile made from old books is a creative way to dress up your dessert table. Even better, consider a table inspired by your favourite tales. This one looks like something straight out of "Alice in Wonderland," and it's that classic charm that we love. From the delicate cake to the picturesque platters, backdrop, and — did you catch those additional books on the table? — this is a whimsical setup we can't look away from.


A bookish arch

Photo courtesy of Jessica Claire

This is no ordinary arch — use vintage bookshelves to create a memorable spot to say "I do." Tailor the display around your special bond, including books you've read together or those that reflect your relationship. Along with stunning plants and flowers, like this couple, use the shelves to highlight photos of memories you've shared and special items that mean the world to both of you.


Bookish bridesmaids

Photo courtesy KnitKnit

Gift your girls some miniature book necklaces! They're adorable and come from a place of love, so how can your crew say no? They'll love these tiny-as-ever tokens of your special day and have a piece of you every time they slip them on. If you're feeling extra dedicated, try tossing in book earrings, bracelets, or pieces inspired by your favourite stories. It's as creative as it is classic.


Table (number) of contents

Photo courtesy Love & Found

Who needs one-dimensional table numbers when you can use 3-D open books? This is so creative and unique that we couldn't stop swooning, and it's easy to see why guests were all over this one! These table numbers make a statement while displaying your love of reading at every turn. Truly a (literary) delight. As seen in this blog post.


A Penguin Classic romance

Photo courtesy of Marty McColgan

These invitations are the perfect homage to Penguin's classic paperback books. Ask your stationery designer to create your very own "cover." Cute, personalized, and a great way to remember the moment for everyone involved? We're 100% in. Embrace the library-inspired aesthetic by using bookmarks as RSVPs for potential guests.


Fabric party favours

Photo courtesy Out of Print

The perfect parting gift? A bookish bag, of course! This "Pride and Prejudice" number will have Jane Austen fans swooning, and it's easy to see why. Select your favourite author or novel and find a stylish tote to toss favours into. Your guests will already know what you're about, and if they happen to discover more book-themed goodies inside? Even better, so tailor favours around the title's theme.


Publishing props

Photo courtesy of Procopio Photography via "United with Love

As seen in this cute couple's shot, books make adorable photo props! While there are countless ways to incorporate them into your snaps, a classic photo like this is all we need. It's a sweet way to show off this duo's love of reading while remaining true to themselves and the occasion. On the other hand, vintage-inspired library photos, silly ones, and those in which the couple acts out the story will have all eyes on you.


A novel decor idea

Photo courtesy Teryn Lee Photography

Books as art! This bride and groom used old pages to make whimsical ceiling decorations for their wedding. Not only is this decor entirely DIY and an excellent bonding moment for the couple, but just the act of selecting, cutting out, and creating the decorations makes an excellent metaphor for how hard you've worked in the relationship together. It adds a personal touch to the ceremony that even the most pricey wedding planner can't quite accomplish, and that's a win-win for us. As seen in this Real Wedding.


Take-a-book thank yous

Photo courtesy of Julie A. Whitlock Photography

This couple gave their most-loved books as party favours. We adore this unique and personal idea. Wrapped up with their wedding colours, it gives guests a great way to remember the moment long after the final dance comes to a halt. Likewise, sharing your favourite titles during the reception provides something to talk about when you return home from your honeymoon. As seen in this Real Wedding.

This article was originally published on Apr 12, 2012

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