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Our Favourite Gemstones and Their Hidden Meanings

  |  By Danielle Barich
Our Favourite Gemstones and Their Hidden Meanings

Sparkly stones are pretty to look at, but what do they mean? Is there a particular reason diamonds are favoured for engagement rings? We did a little digging and unveiled the hidden meanings of five of our favourite stones.


Meaning: The stone of prophecy and successful love. Green is the colour of Venus and translates into constant love and beauty. It is believed to calm the mind and encourage good choices.

Why we love it: Emeralds are rare gems that will add a splash of colour and sparkle to your hand. From Jackie O to Wallis Simpson, emerald rings have been a timeless and exquisite display of romantic love stories.


Meaning: The stone of destiny and prosperity. Bringing peace of mind and clarity, this blue stone also represents friendship and loyalty.

Why we love it: A sapphire ring paired with side stone diamonds is a romantic style fit for a princess. Only a style this luxurious could pass through two generations (Princess Diana and Kate Middleton) and remain an iconic piece.


Meaning: The stone of love. Believed to be full with love, the ruby’s blood-red colour implies life and warmth and represents passionate and powerful feelings.

Why we love it: A simple setting decorated with this eye-catching and brilliant stone creates a lavish piece for the fashion forward and eccentric bride.


Meaning: The stone of self-mastery and self-control. This stone protects against negative energy and encourages determination. It also allows for change and finding alignment in life.

Why we love it: A strong statement on an elegant piece. Pushing the boundaries of tradition, onyx adds the perfect touch of glam and panache to classic settings.


Meaning: The stone of love, eternity and strength. Known for its durability and sparkle, the diamond represents innocence and constancy.

Why we love it: A traditional representation of love and romance, the diamond is undeniably an exquisite gem to have on your finger. The purity and simplicity of diamonds allows for extravagant and unique settings.

This article was originally published on Sep 19, 2011

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