On the Farm


Wedding planning 101 might suggest you choose certain things before others when getting started. The one thing no one will dispute is deciding on your venue is probably the most important on the list. Our decision came easy as my parents live on a farm in Frankford, Ontario and it’s always been the perfect place to have a wedding. If anything, we wavered for a week or two as we feared having it at home could cause more stress than we would like our families to experience but once we ruled out them having do anything other than have a good time, the choice was simple. And since making this decision, other decisions are falling easily into place because the venue dictates so many other aspects. My mom and I are having so much fun thinking about what we’ll plant in the gardens this spring, which flowers we’ll use in the table arrangements, where we’ll position some hay bails around the yard for guests to perch as they walk the grounds. Like a well-oiled machine we are knocking things off one after the other and it feels so great knowing we are providing our guests a beautiful place to come and relax, we’ll be surrounded by rolling hills and fresh country air, what could be better? I’m expecting rain and that way it will just be a bonus if the sun shines for us that day.

Thanks to my amazing mama and dearest pop for accepting the job of host and putting the word “Country” in Tyler and Alison’s Country Wedding Extravaganza! We can’t wait to see the farm all done up for the wedding! I’ll post some pics as soon as we do a walk around this spring.

Alison xo

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