Jaw-Dropping Non-Floral Bouquet Ideas


Want a truly unique accessory to carry down the aisle? A non-floral bouquet could be just the accent you’re after! Freshly-cut blooms are staples of classical weddings but in this new day and age, more brides are finding cute and clever ways to personalize their nuptials by thinking outside of the flower box. If you really want to make your day that much more memorable, finding a one-of-a-kind alternative non-floral bouquet is the answer. There are endless options in terms of flowerless arrangements. If you like the look of fresh-cut blooms but crave that extra quirky touch, paper and fabric flora are great options to explore. For the fearless brides who wants to make a killer statement for her walk down the aisle, savoury sweets, wire arrangements and even pinecones are fabulous non-floral bouquet options.

Opting for this fun alternative can also make a great DIY project. A non-floral bouquet can save you big bucks (especially in the fall and winter when your pick of fresh blooms may be limited) and can easily be turned into fun activity to share with your bridal party. Round up your girls, pop in a classic wedding movie and get started on crafting a set of cool arrangements that suit your style. An added bonus? These bouquets won’t wilt so you can save them forever as keepsakes of your wedding day.

Here are our top 22 one-of-a-kind non-floral bouquet ideas to get your artistic juices flowing!

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