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The New Wedding Floral Trends (Hint: Blush And White Are Out!)

  |   By Alison McGill
All photos by Scarlet O'Neill and all florals by The Little Flower Shed Co. Ribbons by Silk & Sumac. Venue, The Great Hall

Looking ahead to planning your 2020 wedding? We too are looking forward and seeing lots of change happening when it comes to the wedding landscape and what’s in and what’s out out OUT! Sarah Sylvester is the owner of The Little Flower Shed Co. in Bayfield, Ontario and reports she’s seeing a big shift particularly when it comes to wedding flowers. We actually saw her declare this on her Instagram and immediately got in touch…we had to know more!

“Today’s couples are looking to really stand out and their guests a hyper-personal experience,” Sylvester says. “They want to put their personal stamp on their wedding day more than ever and are examining what makes the unique and tapping into that for wedding inspo.”

Sylvester believes the constant influence of social media platforms and the abundant sea of inspiration that comes with them is causing a rapid shift in trends and a real surge in creativity. “I’d love to give you my list of totally in and totally out floral ideas but I think that concept is a little done as truly anything goes now. Personalization on the grand scale is where it’s at.”

We pressed Sylvester to spill the tea on what she really really loves and is really really over, and she shared some thoughts. “I love seasonally inspired, local and foraged blooms and foliage,” she smiles. “I love when a space looks like Mother Nature blew in the door and decided she’s staying for the party! I’m totally into keeping things eco-friendly, wild and full of movement. I love repurposing ceremony floral into your reaction space—let’s double down on those beautiful installs!”

Other hits topping Sylvester’s floral décor list include dark and moody palettes with a pop of unexpected colour, texture and using fruit and vegetables in tablescapes.“I love botanically dyed bouquet ribbons and huge floral installations. Depth, dimension and utilization of existing structures to create floral art for amazing ceremony decor.”

Things on her miss list: burlap and lace trimmed anything, round and tight bouquets and arrangements. “I am also so over blush and white. There, I said it!”

Sylvester also shared some on the verge thoughts if you are looking to really make your floral décor fresh and forward-looking. Dried elements and organic floral shapes, smaller bridal bouquet sizes (think dainty), less use of heavy greenery and LOTS of colour! The bottom line for your wedding florals: get creative! “Hire a planner to hone in and perfect your vision and book the floral designer whose work you can’t live without!”

This article was originally published on Jul 30, 2019

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