The Must-Have Photo Booth For Selfie-Obsessed Brides


Selfie-obsessed brides, just imagine: a full-length mirror that takes your photo without forcing you to ruin the frame (and your best angle) by holding up your iPhone. This ultimate vanity-approved invention comes from longtime Montreal photography studio Le Group Grafica. They launched a side business, called “Fun Snaps” a year and a half ago, with the goal of providing top-quality shots to clients instantaneously—so that everyone can walk out of a wedding with a physical memory to stuff in their purse and stick on the fridge.

After searching around for an extra-fancy photobooth that no one else in town would have, they settled on the three-by-five-foot Mirror Booth.. The thing is seriously high-tech: it’s backlit by LED lights and is totally interactive, so you feel like you’re playing with a giant iPad. There’s a countdown to the shot, and the mirror actually gives you a compliment when you’re done (it’s like a freakishly nice version of the magic mirror in Snow White). Couples can also have their custom logo or insignia show up as a template in the corner of the frame, easily tying the take-home photos to the rest of the bridal theme. The booth starts at $499 for two hours of use, and comes with a variety of chic background options.

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