The Morning-Of Wedding Day Tradition You Should Have With Your Bridesmaids

Photography by Purple Tree, as seen in this real wedding.

The morning of your wedding can be filled with nervous jitters and excited preparation for what is to come. For many brides this can be a stressful time as all of your planning is coming together. You may be filled with nerves about walking down the aisle and saying your vows. Taking a moment of calm to enjoy everything that has led up to this day is a rewarding and memorable way to spend some special time with your bridal party before the major celebration begins. 

Hosting a morning breakfast or tea with your bridesmaids allows you to unwind and celebrate your closest friends and loved ones before you get ready for the big day. It is traditional for the bridesmaids to get ready for the ceremony with the bride, inviting them to join you earlier for a morning tea to celebrate before you and the party begin to prepare for the ceremony is a special addition and treat that they will love.  

Plan your morning reception in advance so your bridal party is ready to show up early and take part in your pre-wedding bliss. The celebration can be as simple as brewing a pot of tea, putting out some snacks and thanking them for all that they have done to help and support you in the lead up to your wedding day. By taking this extra step you are able to step back from the planning and what is about to come in order to enjoy everything that they have done to help you prepare for your day.  If you’re planning to give your bridal party gifts on the day of your wedding this is also the perfect time to share them. 

While a small sit-down morning tea or coffee is enough to celebrate, if you’re looking to make things a little more formal some mimosas and brunch are a simple addition that your bridal party will appreciate. Hosting a morning meal also ensures that you and your party have fuel before starting your long day. Make sure that you order or prepare some hearty and light foods that will get you and your bridesmaids through the day as you may not have time to stop and eat again until your reception. 

Taking some time out of your wedding day to enjoy the people around you and all that they mean to you is an easy but thoughtful way to make sure you are able to appreciate everything that has gone into your wedding.

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