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Why The Monstera Plant Is The Coolest Wedding Greenery Trend

  |   By Alison McGill
Photo via

What’s the most buzzed about greenery in wedding floral and décor design? Monstera has not only taken over your Instagram feed (hello #monsteramonday) it is taking over weddings too. The oversize, bold green leaves are being used for everything from centerpieces, bouquet greenery, arch installations, place setting accents, invitation motifs and cake designs. We spoke to Phoebe Lo, founder of Toronto’s Blossom and Bloom, to find out why monstera is having such a moment and why she thinks it’s a botanical trend that’s here to stay.

What is it about this monstera that has captured everyone's imagination? “If the name 'monstera' wasn't intriguing enough, then their bold form and versatile natural capabilities sure have a leg up when it comes to floral and design. More sophisticated than a banana leaf and charismatic with its unique heart-shaped leaves, monsteras have captured the curiosity of a progressively non-conventional generation of weddings and celebrations.”

Can you share little more information on the plant itself? "Here’s a quick 101 on the monster plant. It is from the flowering plant family of Araceae. The plant is native to the Americas with origins in Southern Mexico, Central America and Columbia. The holes in the leaves are not only part of their charm, but also have a function. The holes in the leaves help combat all sorts of tropical weather allowing rainfall and wind to pass through. Variegated monstera plants can give off a white or yellow colour amidst its lush green tones. Monsteras also grow a fruit which is quite delightful to enjoy. The light green pinecone fruit has a peel that is to be removed. Its flesh exhibits the taste that is similar to a cross of banana and pineapple.”

How can you monstera your wedding? What are some creative ideas for including it in your day? “Thanks to majestically large heart-shaped leaves, the monstera plant makes way for an even larger possibility to style your wedding design with less material than traditional florals and botanicals. Monsteras also have hearty long stems that can allow for all sorts of installation styles. The malleable stems can bend in a variety of ways to allow one to sculpt a design quite easily. Those hearty stems also allow for the plants to sustain after harvesting for a much longer duration than regular stemmed leaves and floral. The monstera leaves ought to maintain its freshness without the use of a hydration foam bed when being used for arrangements. In addition, pieces can be hung easily and without the hassle of a superstructure for watering or cladding. We recommend using the leaf as a focal point piece of your floral décor. Its lush green tones command attention in an open and airy space. The leaves are also a great option to embellish as a spectacular contrast for regular sized flowers and botanicals. Some fun ways to incorporate monstera leaves in non-floral designs include catering, stationery and accessories. Imagine using monstera leaves as a charger plate or place mat. As for stationery, instead of your typical paper and pulp offerings, make use of the monstera to be your place card, invitation, signage etc. Lastly, why not use the monster as an alternative to your aisle runner? On a hot day, guests can also make use of monstera leaves as fans for shade and cooling.”

Do you see the monstera trend continuing to grow? “Monsteras are so classic to the boho and tropical design look, we are very confident they will stick around for a long time. Given the constant need and interest for materials which are sustainable, green and unique, the monstera definitely has longevity and freshness in wedding design.”

This article was originally published on Jun 10, 2019

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