Modern Engagement Rings For The Style-Savvy Bride

Modern engagement ring design has come a long way, from sculptural settings to non-traditional gemstones. For the fashion-forward trendsetter, this sort of sparkler is definitely the way to go.

When shopping for a modern engagement ring look for contemporary updates to classic styles — think coloured gemstones instead of diamonds; unique band designs, like a sleek tension setting (pictured above); and mixed metals.

There are many interpretations of modern design – rings can vary from minimalist styles with clean lines to bold to asymmetrical creations. If you’re shopping for a loved one whose style stands out (or looking for the perfect non-traditional ring to save on your Pinterest board) we’ve collected a range of rings sure to impress.


One comment on “Modern Engagement Rings For The Style-Savvy Bride
  1. Kelly Rogers says:

    This ring is quite unique. And I like the shine of the band, too. I just like to look at unusual engagement rings UK for they are just beautiful.

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