Mmm, dessert!

Right now, I’m sad to say, I am on a sugar restriction. Can’t eat anything sweet for the next few days–darn you throat infection! So, I’ve settled for second best, if I can’t eat the yummy items, the least I can do is torment myself by staring at some decadent goodies. One really inspiring idea that I found came off of Amy Atlas’ blog. For those of you unfamiliar, Amy Atlas is a master at designing deliciously gorgeous dessert tables.

For the first day of Fall, Amy and her team designed this fall-inspired dessert story, which includes a faux-bois pattern and acorns. Here’s what she had to say about the creation:

We created a lovely faux-bois paper for the backdrop as well as a custom acorn garland to drape over the backdrop. For desserts, we made two almond fondant cakes and placed them on tree trunk cake stands. We also created pistachio cinnamon meringue and tuiles filled with spiced-apple custard. We wrapped hazelnut truffles with custom faux-bois tissue paper.

Doesn’t that almond cake look so inviting? Well, lucky for us, Amy posted the recipe on her blog, check it out!


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