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This Might Be The Ultimate Wedding Gift

  |   By Jen O'Brien

Extra jewellery is always nice and, sure, your significant other could probably use a fancy watch to wear on special occasions, but there's a new tech accessory on the market that we think trumps either of these items when it comes to the ideal wedding gift. The ultra buzzworthy iPhone X hit stores today and it's actually the perfect wedding day companion.

Check out all the cool ways this state of the art smartphone can enhance your big day:

1. Animoji messaging Sometimes a smiley face just doesn't get the point across (especially on the happiest day of your life). Animojis, probably the most hyped feature of the iPhone X, on the other hand, are able to capture and analyze over 50 different facial muscle movements to bring emojis to life in a fun new way with audio. Now you can deliver a lighthearted message to your sweetie moments before walking down the aisle without revealing your dress!

iPhone Animoji

2. Enhanced selfies Yes, you have obviously hired a photographer to capture every element of your day from beginning to end, but that doesn't mean you won't still want to snap a zillion selfies to immortalize your perfect hair and makeup. The iPhone X might just be the best selfie camera on the market. Its seven-megapixel front-facing camera supports Portrait mode (where the subject in the foreground is in focus and the background is blurred) as well as Portrait Lighting, allowing you to give your photos a flawless studio effect or dramatic stage lighting look.

iPhone Camera

3. AR apps for newlyweds Apple's iOS 11 ushered in a wave of amazing augmented reality apps. One of the most impressive is IKEA Place, a must-have for any couple furnishing a new home together. This app uses the iPhone's camera to scan a room then allows you to select and drop furniture into your space while viewing it from every angle on your phone.

Before your honeymoon you'll also want to download Sky Guide, a stargazing app that will help you identify and learn about the constellations you're bound to see on your post-wedding vacation in paradise.

4. Party-proof design It's also worth mentioning that the iPhone X features the most durable glass ever in a smartphone -- this means if you happen to drop it on the dance floor after one too many cocktails it should be okay.


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