How To Let Guests Know Your Wedding Dress Code

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Establishing a wedding-day dress code is one thing to do that will help both you and your guests. Letting your invitees know what is expected of them can help to relieve some of the risk of a guest showing up in jeans or not conforming to a wedding theme. Some of your loved ones may be unsure what you’re looking for if you haven’t been clear. Depending on your venue and if you have a theme, an appropriate dress code can assist your guests with their own preparations so their look is on point for your celebration (trust us, not knowing what to wear is a stress point for many wedding guests!).

A themed wedding dress code is the easiest to enforce as it is a part of the wedding. Asking that your guests are a part of the theme by working within it is a great way to get them involved and keep things on track. Sending a list of approved choices or suggestions takes the guesswork out for your those you’ve invited. 

If you’re looking for your guests to wear more elevated outfits, make that clear in your invitations. By including the dress code in the invitation you are making it clear to your guests that they are expected to dress a certain way. It’s important to be very specific on the dress code if you’re choosing to include it: from casual to cocktail or black tie. Once you’ve chosen exactly how you’d like your guests to dress, a line as simple as “formal wear requested” or “dress code is cocktail chic,” will let the recipient know what you are expecting. A line at the end of the invitation may also be beneficial if you have clothing recommendations such as suggesting not to wear high heels to an outdoor ceremony on grass.

Depending on the style of your invitation, you may not want to add this line directly in the invitation. Another way to share the dress code is by adding a dress code FAQ to your wedding website. If you’re simply hoping to ensure your guests are dressed formally a short note about formal wear or cocktail attire may be enough. If you have larger restrictions, such as a theme, an outdoor wedding or anything else, adding a photo page could be more beneficial. If you’re worried that a photo page may come across as too severe, you can have fun with your photo instructions and use images of what not to wear, next to photos that show your dress code. This shares the intended dress requirements in a lighthearted way. 

Bottom line: a dress code takes the guesswork out of your wedding and will ensure all of your wedding guests look amazing on the big day and in ALL your photos.

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