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The Key To A Long-Lasting Marriage

  |   By Weddingbells

Chasing the sun.

Getting to the altar is one thing, but the real work in a relationship comes into play after your wedding day. Most married couples will agree that a healthy long-term partnership takes effort – and part of that work is recognizing (and avoiding) the little things that can tear a relationship apart.

A new survey conducted by FASHION revealed that seemingly trivial annoyances and disagreements can cause a relationship to unravel. According to the survey, which attracted close to 400 participants, it isn't sex, day-to-day responsibilities, or even money that couples are fighting over. In fact, 28 per cent of respondents said they were likely to blow up at their partner over little things like how to squeeze toothpaste or whether fruit should be washed (seriously!)

So how do you keep your partnership in check knowing that such insignificant things can bring about a major rift? First off, recognize that every couple bickers (33 per cent of couples argue once every month or two, according to the survey) and instead of using sex to end an argument (like 29 per cent of couples admitted they tend to do) use your disagreements to learn about and empathize with one another.

Also, hire a cleaning lady. 64 per cent of survey respondents said a housekeeper would do more to improve their relationship than a sex or relationship therapist.

Learn more secrets to a long-lasting relationship by reading more about this survey.

This article was originally published on Feb 08, 2017

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