Key Logistics To Consider For Your Backyard Wedding


Photography courtesy of Jonny Delgado Bosso as seen in this real wedding.

A grand ballroom or a classic church are not the perfect wedding venue for everyone. If you’re planning on keeping things a little more sentimental with a small and sweet backyard wedding, there are many logistical issues that are different from those of a more traditional ceremony. While a backyard ceremony gives you more control over the specifics of your wedding day, planning the ceremony will require more thought into the smaller details. Having a wedding planner on board to check for all of these logistics will keep your day running smoothly and all of your guests happy and comfortable.

One of the biggest things you may need to focus on for a backyard wedding are a few legalities. While a large venue will take care of all your licenses, a backyard wedding means you may need to apply for your own liquor license or noise permits if your city requires them. Making sure your neighbours are aware in advance you’re planning a large event—or if you’re friendly, extending an invite to them—will ensure they aren’t upset with your party. This also extends to ensuring you have a plan in place for the post-event clean up, which can be a large job and may require additional help or reaching out to your local government for proper disposal.  

The second largest priority for a backyard wedding is space; space for cars, guests and a reception if you’re hosting in the same place. If your neighbourhood has limited parking you may need to find an easy way to get your guests to the venue. Setting up a bus pick up at a large parking lot nearby will keep your loved ones from circling the block (and possibly even missing the ceremony!). 

Bringing your reception to your backyard ceremony means ensuring you have enough rentals to support all of your guests. This goes beyond tables and chairs to an outdoor dance floor, extra power generators and even restrooms. An extra set of restrooms will ensure that you don’t have a line inside the house as your guests wait for one or two bathrooms. A power generator may also be integral to keep the outdoor festivities going to power any outdoor lights, heaters or your DJ. 

Another consideration for an outdoor venue is planning to deal with the weather. Being prepared for rain with personalized umbrellas for your guests, or set up an outdoor tent that will shield everyone from the sun or rain. Hang lanterns or strings of lights outside to give your reception a magical vibe as the party goes into the night. 

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