Just for Fun: If Super Mario Had a Wedding…



We’re a bit obsessed with Super Mario right now, or shall I say we’re a “Wii” crazy. Jenn’s been playing non-stop ever since she bought a console over the holidays, Alison has been trying to beat the new Super Mario Bros. (I beat it a few weeks ago!), Nicole even took a stab at Wii Sports, and Steph is thinking of trying it out. I wasn’t even going to blog about Super Mario until I received this awesome e-mail with a Super Mario cake image from Chrissie at Too Nice to Slice. So, the image got me thinking. If Super Mario were to have a wedding what would it look like? I’m thinking it would have to have the following elements:

#1 FIRST DANCE SONG: A Mario Kart Love Song! Yes, there is one. And, the lyrics, funnily enough, make sense. Share this with your mister I’m sure he’ll get a kick out of it.

#2 FAVOURS: What better treat than to give away cupcakes to your guests. Found these ones off of Flickr.

#3 STATIONERY! This would’ve been perfect except it says Bowser on the invite.

{image via infendo}

Okay! So realistically, I doubt that you’ll plan a wedding with a full super mario theme in mind. But the Super Mario colours certainly do serve for inspiration, and this just goes to show you that the sky’s the limit when it comes to planning your wedding celebration.

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