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Just Engaged? What You Need To Know To Start Wedding Planning In Pandemic Times

  |  By Alison McGill

Photography by Purple Tree Wedding Photography. Wedding planner Ashley Lindzon Events.

In normal times, wedding planning can be a rigorous obstacle course to navigate. Today, it’s most definitely been kicked up several notches but no need to stress. Everything will work out, and if you are just engaged you have the luxury of time on your side to plan the day of your dreams.

Where should you start with your planning in these unprecedented times? Ashley Lindzon, principal planner at Ashley Lindzon Events offers some savvy insider intel on how to begin the planning process today and have fun with it (as you should!).

For couples who are engaged but have not yet set a date or started to book anything, what is your advice to move forward with wedding planning? “We are currently working with recently engaged couples to help them start planning. We have been able to offer virtual meetings to get started. Using virtual venue tours, past event photos and videos, we have lots of resources to keep the process moving forward and allowing couples to get their plans underway. Our best advice is to choose a date far enough in the future that, hopefully, will not be affected by the current COVID-19 crisis. While that is very hard to predict, looking as far ahead as possible is a great idea.”

What is the most important thing a couple needs to decide right now about planning their upcoming wedding? “The most important decisions are the same as always: choosing a date, choosing a venue, hiring a planner.”

Do you anticipate 2021 will be an exceptionally busy year for weddings in light of what's has happened with so many couples and their 2020 weddings? “It will definitely be busy! Many 2020 couples have already been forced to postpone to 2021 so we anticipate close to double the usual number of weddings. That said, if the couples are willing to be flexible and it may require getting a little creative with the season you are married in and the day of the week. Considering a Thursday, Friday or Sunday is a great way to ensure you secure all the key pieces and vendors you wish for.”

Photography by Tara McMullen Photography. Wedding planner Ashley Lindzon Events.

Why is having a wedding planner on your team now more important than ever for couples on the verge of starting their wedding planning? “There are many elements to deal with right now. Between rescheduling, managing new/revised contracts, penalties for changes in dates, etc., it is not easy. It is much easier to navigate with the advice and assistance of a planner whom has relationships with the venues and vendors and knows the current policies.”

Is it advisable for anyone to plan a destination wedding at this point, even a year in advance? “That’s a tough one. We have one destination wedding planned for winter 2021 and will be watching closely as travel bans change and evolve in the current climate."

For anyone who is not engaged, or on the verge of it, do you recommend starting the groundwork for wedding planning and why? “That depends on the couple. If the couple wants to get married in 2021, I would definitely call a wedding planner and begin the process. We book weddings prior to an engagement regularly, and to ensure key pieces get planned and in place for when the question gets popped.”


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