Jam Packed


I love hearing about sweet favours. No wait, let me re-phrase, I love receiving sweet favours, and right now I am coveting this Cherry with Organic Star Anise jam from lemonbird’s shop.

I love the whole home-made yet gourmet look of the package–definitely a must for those of you planning a summery celebration bash. Now I know that jams or bigger favours can be a bit on the pricier side, so rather than giving individual guests a jar each, I suggest handing one per family/couple–chances are they live in the same house and won’t be able to finish a whole jar on their own. Or, during your favourite fruit season, stock up on them and make jam yourself (it’s actually not as hard as you would think it would be!). Here’s a Classic Strawberry Jam recipe from Food Network Canada. Once you’ve made the jam, simply buy jars in bulk (the dollar store is pretty good with this) then print off cute DIY labels (there’s tons of templates or ask your stationer to create something unique for you) and presto, you’re pretty much done. The best part about making these favours in advance, is that they won’t get stale (provided that they’re stored and sealed properly). Happy jamming!


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