It’s beginning to feel like the real deal


Inside Runway Bridal

It’s becoming real for me. I had my first official appointment at a bridal boutique today and tried on dresses!! My mom and I (arm in arm) walked in excitedly, giggling to one another, I was a little nervous having no clue as to how things would go down but Mary Ann of Runway Bridal eased us into the process with such care. I felt so comfortable expressing my needs to her. I’ve heard horror stories of shops making women feel rushed, unwelcome, pressure selling and even just plain rude to their potential clients. I am so thankful to Mary Ann for making my experience so completely amazing. I was concerned that I might not see anything, I’m extraordinarily picky but I was pleasantly surprised to find that there was a wide variety of dresses that I liked, even LOVED and my mom actually yelped at one point, “That’s the one and I’ll buy it for you I like it so much!” It wasn’t the winner for me but quite beautiful indeed. What Mary Anne taught us is that if you like a dress sometimes the designer will alter certain elements, as long as it’s nothing too involved, but if there is a bead pattern you’re unsure of or an appliqué that doesn’t suit your style it can be removed for a minimal cost. Don’t be afraid to ask and if the shop owner makes you feel bad for asking, put your pants on and march out of there because there is another business down the street with lovely people like Mary Ann waiting to help make this an awesome experience for you.

Where to go from here? I’ll visit a few more shops and then make a second appointment at Runway Bridal to compare notes and perhaps bring a couple more ladies to aid in my decision making.

I must admit it was a surreal feeling trying on dresses, we’ve all watched this moment in movies, TV shows or even in real life with our friends. It was quite magical being the one up on the apple box. I’m happy that I remained open to styles I might not normally try. My favourites ended up being totally different from the pictures I brought with me so that’s my best advice, try a variety of styles because what you love may or may not suit your body type.

It’s hard not to get swept up in all the chantilly lace and beaded tulle, and why the heck not? This is such a grand occasion, maybe it’s time to shed a little modesty and treat it as such.

Alison xo

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