It’s a Party!


So, it turns out the word ‘wedding’ is totally overwhelming me. I’ve decided I just have to change the word and in doing so I change the psychology.  We’re having a ‘party.’ There, that’s way more manageable!

Not that I’m overwhelmed about being married, goodness, Tyler is the one thing I’m sure of and marrying him thrills me beyond belief, but it’s all the expectations that come with the word ‘wedding.’ Now, that we’re having a party, an extravaganza, if you will, I feel less burdened by what the day should be. The weddings I’m inspired by are not traditional weddings and Tyler feels strongly as well that we stick to our guns and do what we want on our day. We’re bombarded by questions like, “Who’s your M.C.?,” “You’re tossing a bouquet aren’t you?,” “What slow song did you choose for the first dance?” Stop! Hold the phone! What if we don’t want an M.C.? What if we feel strongly about hosting our own party? What if I don’t want to toss the bouquet?

At the end of the day it’s a wedding, of course it’s a wedding and I’m over the moon about that but every now and again I need to come back down to earth and realize it’s just a good ol’ fashion party and the only thing people expect is to see us having an amazing time.
So let’s make that the goal! You with me?!

Alison xo

Beside is a picture of three vintage vessels clustered together to make a lovely non-traditional centrepiece. At Coriander Girl customers are encouraged to bring in their own vintage pieces and we’ll fill them!

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