Inventive Wedding Signs to Decorate Your Venue

Hanging wedding signs around your venue can serve two really great purposes: One, they make navigating around your location easy for your guests, and two, they are a great way to add a bit of extra décor. Besides using them to direct your guests to the ceremony or reception venue, they can also be used to label the different sections of your celebration. For example, if you have a dessert table, a “Sweets” sign overhead would definitely catch your guests’ attention. Wedding signs are the perfect props to add a personal touch to your big day because you can cater them to match your wedding theme exactly. Having a rustic wedding? Wooden signs and chalkboards are a popular choice. For an elegant affair, monogrammed signs trimmed in silver or gold are a nice fit. Many couples also opt to hang cute signage over the head table with phrases such as “I do” or “I love you”, which definitely plays up the romantic tone of the evening. Stick to tradition and opt for a “Just married” sign on the back of your transportation as well. These particular wedding signs can double as hand-held photo props as well. Take a look at these 10 ways other couples have incorporated creative wedding signs into their celebrations.


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