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How To Include Cats & Dogs In Your Wedding Day

  |   By Alison McGill

Photography by Scarlet O'Neil.

Pets are family, so it's a given you will want them involved in your day. But it's not as easy of a task as it would seem. Dogs are more likely to be on site for the day and play an active role in your day. Cats are no less important but can be a challenge to have in your actual wedding party—if you have one, you know they do what they want most of the time, not what you want or need them to do. Wrangling your fur squad can be a challenge, but here are some suggestions on how to beautifully and meaningfully incorporate them in to your day.

A Boho DIY Wedding in Nova Scotia - Bride and Groom Photography by Chelle Wooten as seen in this real wedding.

• Include them as part of your first look photo session. That way they can be a part of the family fun, but you don’t need to worry about him or her being at your ceremony and worrying how they will act and who will care for them. This is a big role for cats especially, as they are less likely than dogs to be on-site for your ceremony.

• Dogs can make excellent ring bearers but do require a little practice so they know the drill of how to walk down the aisle. Have a friend or family member who your doggo is comfortable with be their handler on the day to see they deliver the rings in good order.

• Give your pet a star role in your wedding video. Have your videographer include your feline or puppers in the mix of your video, whether it's during the first look or if you have a moment with them during post-wedding photos together.

• Incorporate your cat or dog into some fun elements of your wedding. Have them included as part of your stationary package, as an element that decorates your wedding cake, or mention them in your ceremony. This ensures that they are an integral part of the day.

• For your wedding favours, make a charitable donation to an animal-focused charity in honour of your beloved pet.


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