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If The Shoe Fits...

  |  By Jessyca Mullan

I found them!! Hoorah!

I love shoes. I have at least 50 pairs of them, boots, stilettos, flip flops, flats, sandals, sneakers, you name it I probably have it. And I knew what I wanted for my wedding. Being 5’10” with a fiancé who is exactly the same height, I decided to stay completely away from heels. This was a tough decision for someone who wears them almost every day. However, I really do not want to be taller than Joseph, and even though he said I could wear them if I want, I’m sure deep down he doesn’t want me towering over him either.

So what I’m searching for are flats. Not just any flats—flats that look just as beautiful as a great pair of heels. At first I didn’t think it would be so hard. Boy, was I so very wrong.

I have gone into every shoe store I pass, I have spent at least two hours combing the Internet and online shoe stores to try and find something I love. No luck. Having already compromised on heels, I am not about to compromise on colour too. So I refused to give up.

I planned a day out with the girls (my two bridesmaids, my MOH, my mom, my grandmother, my aunt, and Joseph’s mother) to get shoes for my bridal party, a dress for my grandmother and Joseph’s mom, and since my mom had already picked her dress, some shoes for her too. I was hoping I would find my pair of shoes, but it quickly seemed like I would still be in “barefoot” status as we went to the first store. We were shopping on St-Hubert Street (a popular destination for wedding gowns and accessories in Montreal) and they have a few stores that offer the option of dyeing shoes any colour you wish. I thought this would give me more options, because any shoe could be turned hot pink. But flats were few and far between amongst the throngs of heels on the shelves. And when I did stumble upon one, it was a simple ballerina shoe, which in Size 10 looks very plain and unflattering (on my feet anyway).

Needless to say, my mom, my grandmother, my two bridesmaids, my MOH and Joseph’s mom all found their shoes. I’m not kidding! Within 30 minutes we had purchased six pairs of shoes, and in the two months I had been looking hadn’t found one.

{From Left: Kerrie, Kendra, Me, My Mom, Darlene, My Grammy (Patricia), Mikayla, and Joseph's Mom, Sharon.}

If I am being completely honest I was getting upset. I really don’t believe I will be a bridezilla from now until or on the wedding day. I think I stay pretty calm, and don’t let the small things get to me. But I guess I was tired of looking. I have never had a hard time finding shoes.

By chance we asked a bridal gown store if there were any other good shoe stores on the street. She told us to go to Semy, just over by one block. I really wasn’t holding my breath. I expected it to be the same as always; nothing. And at first all I saw were high heels when I walked in, and I was really about to walk out.

Then I saw a beautiful pair of leather flats, the most attractive pair I’d seen in my entire search. And alas, they were white. In my mind, it was over, because who dyes leather shoes? All the dyeable shoes were satin. My mom asked anyways, and I couldn’t believe it when the owner told me, “Of course leather can be dyed, and there is a place just up the street, hot pink won’t be a problem at all!”

Well I didn’t jump up and down just yet, because the next question I ask is always a potential problem no matter what shoe I’m looking for ... “Do you have a Size 10?”  I believe things happen for a reason, so when he turned to corner with the shoe box in his hand, I knew it was meant to be. Sounds silly I guess, but if we hadn’t asked the saleslady we would never have walked in. It was the last store we were visiting since my MOH had to catch a train.

Has anything “just happened” to you while planning, when you were least expecting it to? Or is anyone else having a terribly tough time finding shoes?

I’m so glad I have finally found them!

This article was originally published on Apr 30, 2010

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