How Your Bridal Party Can Help With Your Wedding Planning

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Your wedding day and all of the preparation needed can be very stressful to take on. To help alleviate some of your stress and to incorporate your friends and loved ones into the planning process you can share duties with your wedding party. These people are your closest confidants and want to share the load of wedding planning with you. Your maid of honour in particular should be your designated person to take care of specific tasks to help you keep your mind on the larger problems and to allow you to enjoy your wedding day. 

Wedding Lead Up
Your maid of honour should be one of your greatest supporters in the lead up to your wedding day. Part of this support simply means being there for you at different times in the process including attending any engagement parties or showers as well as your fittings when you say yes to the dress. You can also ask your maid of honour to assist with smaller parts of the wedding planning including running errands and giving opinions when you need to discuss your plans. Overall your maid of honour should be a source of emotional support and encouragement as you plan your big day. 

Bridal Party
Your maid of honour is head of your bridal party for a reason, let them take charge of the other bridesmaids and keep your bridal party running smoothly. This includes answering the other bridesmaid’s questions about hair and makeup for the big day, running errands and planning the bachelorette party! While they can get help from your other bridesmaids and yourself the maid of honour is traditionally expected to be the point person on bachelorette festivities as they know you the best.

The Wedding Day
On your wedding day the only thing you should be concerned with is making memories and enjoying your special day. Your maid of honour should make this her priority on your wedding day, and this means she may need to step into your shoes if there are any issues or questions from vendors or guests. She should keep a contact list for all of your vendors should there be any problems, and act as an additional host for your friends and loved ones. Being prepared for any emergency is also important, this may be as simple as carrying extra bobby pins and a phone charger. As a host, the maid of honour will give a toast to you at the reception and be one of the first people on the dance floor to encourage your guests to dance. 

Although your bridal party will be able to enjoy your wedding with you, you should be able to rely on your bridesmaids to assist and support you as well. The maid of honour is a role that is a privilege for the person that you’ve asked, but this also comes with the responsibilities that accompany the role. 

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