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How You Can Still Get Married While Social Distancing

  |   By Angie Kovacs

While COVID-19 may cause the cancellation of your planned wedding ceremony, this doesn’t mean that you need to cancel your wedding entirely. If you’re still dreaming of marrying your partner on your preferred wedding date you can have a simple wedding ceremony in the time frame that you wanted and enjoy a larger celebration at a later date with all of your guests. As per government regulations you are able to have a gathering of 5 people (social distancing of course) to attend the wedding in person. 

While many couples are opting to delay their wedding ceremony entirely until they can have the dream day that they were planning, you can alternatively tie the knot on your original wedding date and share this joy with a large celebration after the pandemic. A post-wedding reception can be planned for a time when all of your guests can be together again. 

Having a social distancing wedding doesn’t mean that you are unable to share the bliss of your big day with your loved ones. If you are planning to tie the knot at a distance you can still invite your guests virtually to join in on the celebration. Setting up a webcam or a Zoom feed you can have all of your guests join in while you share your vows. This will allow them to partake in your joy and is a beautiful moment during these difficult times. 

You can also select three others that are able to participate in the big day in person. Although these guests will need to social distance from you, they can physically be present at your ceremony. However, it’s important to remember that if you are inviting those from outside your home that you must hold the ceremony outside where you are able to safely keep your social distance. One of your guests should focus on ensuring that anyone at home watching over video chat can see every moment of your ceremony as it's something everyone will be overjoyed to share in. 

Some couples are even choosing to wed outside of the homes of loved ones. This allows more people to be involved (via the window) without being too close. A yard of a close friend that is filled with beautiful greenery or  your balcony to allow all of your neighbours to see the ceremony from their own homes are wonderful choices to include more people.  

It’s important to secure your officiant. While the officiant can be one of your in-person guests you can also choose to video conference your officiant into the ceremony. They do not need to be physically present to marry you and your partner. 

While you can’t hold a reception with all your guests right away, you are able to share your toasts and feelings over your video conference line. Share your speeches and your guests’ congratulations from home, where they can toast with you to your happiness. You can add an extra something special to your ceremony by ordering a wedding cake for your ceremony. Support a local business during this time and celebrate your love. 

As difficult as it is to postpone the day you were dreaming of, by sharing your joy with your partner and choosing to be married now you are also sharing happiness in these uncertain times with all of your loved ones. A wedding at this time is the celebration of joy and love that we all need to remember and celebrate.  


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