How To Plan The Perfect At-Home Wedding

A Romantic and Intimate Wedding in Toronto - Bride and Groom
A Romantic and Intimate Wedding in Toronto - Bride and Groom

Photography courtesy of Ikonica from this real wedding.

While you may initially raise an eyebrow at the thought of having your big day in your at home surroundings—especially if you’re a city dweller —a personal, intimate gathering may actually be just the ticket to a fulfilling day with less muss and fuss (and also your best option for a 2020 socially distanced wedding). With just you, your betrothed and a few select friends and family, you can absolutely have a fabulous wedding.

Here’s how to maximize your home space for an at-home wedding. These five tips will help get your home (big or small, urban or country) intimate-wedding-ready.

Navigate The Layout Of Your Space
Depending on how many guests you have on your list, planning for the flow of any space, big or small, is a necessity. Make note of areas where people will gather and try to focus those away from any entrances, doorways or washrooms. Whether it’s your house, your parent’s house, or a friend’s place, select specific spaces for elements such as your ceremony, cocktail hour, and a delicious meal. Make sure your space is clear and open, with ample lighting—natural is best, if possible.

Choose Areas with Personal Meaning and Charm
Perhaps your space boasts a beautiful garden or terrace, or maybe you have classic vaulted ceilings and a picturesque view. If your country kitchen is the gem of your space, or you have a proud wall display of collected leather bound books—whatever elements you love about your home, let them shine! Don’t be afraid to build in ‘extras’ around your chosen focal point, including decor items, flowers, or a gallery wall of pictures to add memorable and personal flair.

Consider Catering
Depending on the vibe you want, catering can take a whole crucial element of the day off your hands. Selecting from a pre-organized menu or requesting what your group will like and then having it arrive on time, hot and ready to eat, might be your selection of choice. Or, if you happen to have a family member who is a wiz in the kitchen and you can organize a crew of your people to be in charge, you can cut costs and keep a more “home is where the heart is” feeling.

Create Meaningful Place Settings
Table accents like your grandmother’s antique dishes, meaningful crystal vases and floral selections, even place cards made by a loved one, can add a meaningful and personal touch to any table setting. Mismatched dishes and chairs create a more bohemian look and can help shake up your space without adding any additional cost.

Take The Party Outdoors
Have a backyard, terrace or balcony you can take advantage of for your ceremony or a cocktail hour bar? If it’s an evening celebration, even a small area can be brought to life with a few accents such as fairy or string lights. Set up a small bar station where guests can help themselves and mingle in the fresh air or lay some blankets on the grass next to your garden patch. Toss a few colourful carpets and pillows on the floor for a more intimate and eclectic vibe.

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