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How To Move Forward With Your 2022 (And 2023) Wedding Planning

  |   By Alison McGill

To all the newly engaged, congratulations! Hopefully you are enjoying this window of time in spite of the fact life is looking different these days (we love how couples are connecting with each other in 2021).

You are likely wondering when is a good time to plan your wedding for. Is there such a thing as planning too far out? Is 2022 going to be a bonkers busy year for weddings? Do you still have to think small for your party size? All valid, all pressing questions! We asked Beth Olatunji, owner and creative director of Beth Jacobs Weddings & Events to share her thoughts and insider intel on where to start with your wedding planning as of today. Read her best advice below.

What is your best recommendation for newly engaged couples starting to think about wedding planning?
“Start early, be flexible, and hire a professional. It's a different time, and the norms of planning a wedding have changed. Having a team in your corner to bridge the gap between where you start and carry you through to your big day is absolutely crucial, especially now.”

All photography seen here courtesy of Lisa Vigliotta Photography. Planning, Design & Styling by Beth Jacobs Events. Venue, Gracewood Estates at Kurtz Orchards. Tabletop Décor & Furniture from Simply Beautiful Decor. Floral Design by Flower Baby Floral Artistry. Resin Art by Carli Paintings. Stationery by The Paper Boutique Co.

We are predicting a wedding boom! What are your thoughts on what we will see when it comes to planning celebrations in the next 12 to 18 months? 
“People are still getting engaged, people are still planning weddings, and people are still getting married. With all of the postponements and new engagements, dates are being booked early and they are booking FAST. If you have a specific season or date in mind, venues and vendors have very few and selective dates available. The sooner you can start planning, the more likely you will get a date you will be happy with, especially with the team you have your heart set on.”

Do you still recommend planning for a smaller scale party in the months ahead? “Intimate weddings are the new norm and will be for some time to come. With high hopes that COVID-19 will soon become a distant memory, we can only plan with the information we are seeing today and what we are hoping for tomorrow. Starting smaller and scaling up is much softer on the emotions than starting big and having to scale back. Create an environment you will be happy with no matter the size. When planning intimate events, you are able to create a much more elaborate experience by reallocating your original budget towards details that tickle all five senses for your guests. Just because you are planning for a smaller event, it doesn't mean you need to scale down the experience! Have fun with it, and create an experience your guests will remember.


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