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How To Lessen Your Eco-Footprint When Wedding Planning

  |  By Krystal Young

Photography by We Are Fox Photography. Floral Design by Snowberry Botanicals.

There are many ways you can help the planet and lessen your eco-footprint when you are wedding planning. As I work in the floral design space, I am here to share a few insider tips and tricks about how you can make a difference to the environment—every little bit we do can make a huge impact!

Consider where your florals are being sourced from. Ask your florist if they are able to buy direct from local flower farms and nurseries instead of importing. Or ask if they are open to including as much locally grown flowers in your wedding design. Even in the winter months, you will learn there are an impressive amount of locally grown blooms. Not only will the flowers be in their best shape, because they weren't flown thousands of kilometres out of water, the carbon footprint will be much less when you buy locally.

Think about skipping heavy foliage as it is not the best option for an earth-friendly celebration. Our climate does not host a large variety of foliage trees and shrubs which can be used in the ever-popular garland and placed foliage style. That being said, most of the images we see of eucalyptus heavy table settings are taken in countries able to grow the trees. Since we cannot grow them, they are flown in from all over the globe. They can be out of season and less than pretty when they arrive not to mention extremely expensive. Also know that once your event has wrapped all those branches will be tossed away.

Photography by Lydia Ivy Photography. Floral design by Snowberry Botanicals.

Floral design can contain a lot of foam which is definitely not eco-friendly. Ask your florist about working foam-free, most of us are more than happy to do so. We may have to learn a few new design tricks, but it means less waste which is fantastic.

Always go back to the three Rs: reduce, reuse and recycle. Reduce the amount of packaging and fuels used by buying locally.
Reuse your ceremony arrangements and bouquets! Create displays for your ceremony that will also have a home in your reception space. As for recycling, there are a ton of vintage shops, thrift stores, markets and more stocked with lots of wedding-friendly items. While they are only required for one day, most couples sell off their vases and decor immediately after. Why not buy second hand instead of new?

This naturally brings me to the rental option. Everything from vases, candle holders, backdrops, arches, altars and even your dress can be rented. Renting is a good way to keep things from one time use and from the landfill. Lots of florists and decorators will have a great inventory of rentable items available, just ask us!

Krystal Young is a WPIC certified wedding planner and the owner of Snowberry Botanicals. She has been in the business floral design for seven years and credits her love of florals to growing up in the country and to her parents, both who are avid gardeners. Sustainability is hugely important to her and her business and she works with local products and farmers whenever possible.


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