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How To Incorporate Your Favourite Travel Destination Into Your Wedding

  |  By Katie Gregg

All photos by Vicki Bartel. Shoot styling by Katie Gregg.

Many engaged couples dream of having a destination wedding however it is not in the cards for everyone (especially with the current world health situation). Choosing to have your wedding locally does not mean you have to compromise on your vision. Creating wedding event and experience inspired by a travel destination can literally transport your guests to your favourite place right from the comfort of your own home base. Whether your dream aesthetic is the quintessential and quaint feel of the English Countryside, a chic Parisian affair, or the beautiful wine country in Tuscany, there are many ways to elevate your event with special touches from the world’s most beautiful places.

Choose the right venue.Your venue always sets the tone for your day and it's very important to ask yourselves what feels authentic to you two as a couple, and to choose a space and a design that is a representation of who you are. Selecting a venue that fits in with and enhances your theme will enable your wedding to feel more connected to your desired destination. Consider selecting a venue with natural character like a historical ballroom, one that feels cozy and quaint like a chateau, one that feels upscale and modern like a restaurant, or one with stunning views like a winery. Deciding whether you would like to get married outdoors to play off a setting or choosing an indoor space that was designed with a specific vision in mind will help curate your vision.

Create a specialty palette and enhance your florals and décor.Your wedding day palette can reflect different parts of the world and allows you to get creative in your design and compliment your selected venue. Using a classic palette of greens, whites, and neutrals can ensure your wedding is timeless. Using a bold colour palette can create a unique and vibrant perspective tying in cultural and worldly touches. Monochromatic tones work wonders for a modern and upscale city feel. Pastel and muted tones can help you emulate the beautiful outdoors of certain regions. Flowers, textures, and patterns also originate from different parts of the world so do not be afraid to draw inspiration from these and incorporate them in your wedding design pairing them perfectly with your season of choice. Think of including a flower like lily of the valley for an English feel, garden roses to tie in a romantic French aesthetic or lush greens and fresh fruit to mirror the vineyards and landscape in Italy. Being intentional in your details truly shines through.

Incorporate worldly traditions into your day.There are so many unique traditions derived from all over the world that can be meaningful additions to your ceremony or reception. Consider tying the knot, including a wine blending ceremony, having tea service, breaking bread, releasing doves or throwing confetti just to name a few. There are countless traditions from around the world symbolizing health, romance, unity, and happiness. If you have any ideas stemming from your heritage, appreciating another cultural tradition can be the perfect start to the next chapter of your life and leave a lasting impression.

Get creative with your wedding style.
Wedding day fashion is the best way to reflect your personal style and the options are endless. With fashion trends varying regionally, intentionally picking pieces that gives the nod to a place that you hold dear to your heart makes shopping for these items even more exciting. Whether this is through the gown you select, tux you choose or shoes you pick out there are many ways to incorporate your ideal travel destinations into your overall look. Specific parts of the world can inspire different silhouettes, fabrics, styles, and customizations complimenting your wedding vision while also keeping things fresh, exclusive and most importantly staying true to what you love. Seek out local designers in destinations you love for those unique pieces that will truly make a statement.

Having a globally inspired wedding menu.From appetizers to your main entrees and even your signature drinks, customizing your menu to include those delicious pairings that remind you of dishes you love from around the world allows you to marry cultures within your menu. This is a way to get creative with your taste and give your guests a great experience from the first drink and last bite. Having an artisanal wine and cheese pairing will transport your guests to Italy, whereas comfort cuisine like elevated mac n’ cheese and bourbon tasting will have your guests feeling like they are on a trip down South. There are many ways to elevate the presentation of all of your cravings like street taco’s, grilled cheese and tomato soup, chicken and waffles and even Coney dogs. Don't be afraid to step out of the box and do something unique to you as wedding food trends are quickly moving in this direction. Try incorporating strolling stations, small plates, interactive dessert bars, food trucks or unique late-night stations. Everyone will leave remembering the exceptional food with their taste buds happy and wishing they were on vacation.

Katie Gregg is the lead planner and founder of Katie Gregg Events & Co. Her wedding planning journey began two years ago, not long after saying ‘I do’ with her husband Chris; she discovered her passion for wedding planning and wedding media. Katie believes wedding planning is more than just staging and organizing an aesthetically beautiful event. It requires taking cues from a couple’s personal styles, incorporating details from their love story, and creating a thoughtful experience for them and their guests alike.

This article was originally published on Mar 31, 2021

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