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How to Host the Perfect Engagement Party

  |  By Danielle Barich

An engagement is a special time in your life, and much like a birthday or anniversary it needs to be celebrated in a big way. Make it a great excuse to get your family and friends together to celebrate you and your husband-to-be!

1. Who to invite?

There will be many moments leading up to your wedding day when you will have to sit down and decide who is invited? Your engagement party is one of them! When brainstorming your guest list, make sure to think of who is most important to you and who you wanted to call first with the news. Also ensure that these people will be invited to your wedding as well. Start with family members and close friends.

2. Planning

When looking for a place to host your soiree, think of places that reflect you as a couple. Do you love big lavish nights out on the town or fun family barbecues? It isn’t the big day so make sure to save some “ooh la la” for later. Keep it simple with drinks and good music. As for food, make it as easy on you as possible: organize a pot luck or hire a caterer.

3. What to Wear

Whether you're hosting a small backyard party or a banquet hall evening, your dress should stand out and reflect your personality and wedding style. Don’t go over the top with a gown, instead try looking for a fun cocktail dress with intricate detailing or bright colours. Use your engagement party as an excuse to add another pretty dress to your wardrobe!

4. Life of the Party

Have fun! It is your party and your day---keep the bar flowing and some great music playing and your guests will take care of the rest. You might want to have a few words prepared to share with your family just how happy you are to be taking the next step. Some tissues nearby may be a good idea!

This article was originally published on Sep 26, 2011

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