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How To Get The Perfect Wedding Photos

  |  By Laura Downs

We see many beautiful wedding photos at WeddingBells, and stunning couples (check out our Real Weddings), so we thought we would share some tips for getting those glamorous, magazine-worthy wedding shots. It's the photographer's job to capture your special day, but there are things you can do to make sure you are looking your best in your photos. We asked Angela Y. Martin of Gemini Photography Ontario for some tips on achieving the beautiful shots.

1. Pick the right photographer

Make sure you are comfortable with your photographer and have a good relationship with him or her. Choose someone that fits your style and vision and let them know what colours, lighting and aesthetic you prefer. “Try to really get to know your photographer,” says Martin. “They are your best friend on your wedding day and want to get the most out of you so that they can capture your day in the best way possible.”

2. Practice beforehand

Take a few pictures of yourself, or look at some of your favourite photos, to see what angles or poses look best. An engagement shoot is also the perfect chance to get to know your photographer and practice being in front of the camera. "First look" shots have also become popular and are a chance for couples to shake any nervousness and spend a relaxed moment together. Play around with fun ideas, like having your groom face the opposite way until he sees you, and scout out a meeting spot beforehand.

3. Look your best

In terms of posing properly, Martin suggests standing tall (not slouching) and keeping your arms relaxed (and not squished against your body). With your dress, makeup, hair and natural glow, you’ll most likely be looking and feeling your best anyway. “Take a deep breath and remember the whole day should be positive and fun," she says. "Try not to put too much pressure on yourself. Your photographer should know what way to shoot you and how you'll look best so trust them and leave any stress to them." She says the ideal time of day for outdoor pictures is when the sun is lower in the sky, which is anytime between 4:30 and 8 p.m depending on the season.

4. Be natural and confident

As much as having poses in mind can be helpful, try to act as relaxed and natural as possible. Try not to over-think how you're posing. “The best photos are the most natural, so it's all about being as relaxed with the photographer and remembering to be confident," she says. "Your photographer should be able to direct you and pose you if needed, but remember, many of the best "poses" are ones that you just fall into naturally.” Show your photographer some ideas for shots or inspiration beforehand, but trust in their abilities and vision as well.

5. Get those important shots

Create a list of important shots, but don’t sweat over getting every single shot or combination possible. Leave yourself enough time for photos and travel time so you don’t feel rushed or tense. "Confidence truly is key," Martin says.  "This is your day to shine so try not to get embarrassed or shy. Remember that on your wedding day you are at your absolute best!"

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This article was originally published on Jun 27, 2013

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