How To Announce Your Engagement


Congratulations on your engagement! We know how excited you must be – we also know about the to-do list that’s rapidly growing in your head (don’t worry, we’re here to help). Before you get ahead of yourself though, you need to spread the good news of your upcoming nuptials. To avoid confusion and hurt feelings, consider which family members and close friends should hear the news first. Here’s the 411 on the proper etiquette of announcing your engagement according to Emily Post’s book of Wedding Etiquette.

1. The Little Ones
If you have children, they should be the first to hear your exciting news. Incorporating new individuals into a family is tricky and children, even grown-up ones, can have very surprising reactions. So, despite age or how far away they may live, children should always be the first ones to be told.

2. Mom and Dad
Parents are next on the list. You can either inform your parents individually or together as a couple but try to announce your engagement in person – a telephone call just isn’t as personal.

3. Friends and Family
Relatives and close friends should be contacted next. This, of course, includes siblings, as well as grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles and your closest friends.
Tip: To prevent any wedding party regrets, try to keep from choosing your bridal party for at least a week to think over all of the possibilities.

4. The Office
Colleagues and co-workers should be the next to know. It’s considered courteous to inform your boss or supervisor first. Remember, good news travels quickly, so tell a few close co-workers and let them spread the word.

5. The Rest of World
After you’ve revealed your good news to those close to you, you might want to consider a newspaper announcement of your engagement. A newspaper announcement is a nice way to keep the rest of your community in the loop and it also makes for a nice keepsake. You can also set up a wedding website here at and send an electronic announcement to everybody on your email list.

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