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How This Couple Planned A Fun, Meaningful & Socially Distanced Micro-Wedding

  |   By Alison McGill

Photography courtesy of John Espadero and Al Beaudette.

Lucy Wallace and Simon Fitzpatrick were to be married on May 2, 2020 in front of 120 guests at St. Patrick’s Basilica in Ottawa.  When they made wedding plans back in November 2019 every detail was perfectly set, and they were excited for their spring wedding celebration. Then COVID-19 hit and of course changed all that. The couple decided to forge ahead with a micro-wedding on May 23 with just five guests present.

Lucy shared her wedding story with us and some amazing photos from her and Simon’s special wedding day. Here’s how things rolled out in the bride’s words.

“Our wedding was not as we had initially planned. Our original marriage date was set for May 2, 2020 with 120 invited guests at St Patrick’s Basilica in Ottawa followed by a wedding reception at the Royal Ottawa Golf Club in Aylmer, Quebec. We were both initially disappointed when we realized at the end of March 2020 that our wedding would not happen as planned. Our reception with all our guests would have to be postponed. We also didn’t foresee that our wedding would only allow a maximum of five people for the ceremony—two witnesses, the bride, groom and priest. There would be no music, no wedding party, no photographer and no family or friends in the church. This was by far the most disappointing aspect for us. However, we both felt very strongly the most important part of our wedding day was to be joined in marriage as husband and wife and we would pursue this, regardless of how small the ceremony. Everything else was really extra.
On Saturday May 23, 2020, we had a small ceremony which was beautiful and intimate in the big Basilica. I visited my grandmother just an hour prior to the wedding ceremony wearing my wedding dress. My sister was able to set up a stream on her phone so family and friends could tune in. This was a huge gift, having our friends and family watching from their homes, cottages and outside of the church doors. People were celebrating both near and far and wanted to be with us every step of the way. It was truly beautiful. We had a friend who was able to snap some pictures for us once we left the church. Although our guests were unable to come into the church, some close family, friends, groomsmen and bridesmaids decided to wait outside and greet us as we exited the church. Walking out of the church after our ceremony was very surreal and joy-filled.
We had our our first dance on the front lawn of my parent’s home while friends, family and neighbours looked on from a distance. Many people in the neighbourhood were aware of the wedding and drove by with balloons and many honks to share in the celebration. It was unreal! We had a wedding dinner my parent’s backyard to celebrate. People supported us both on our wedding and the days leading up to it. We were overwhelmed with just how much people were still ready to put on their party shoes and celebrate. They were happy and so were we.This pandemic has really forced us to appreciate things differently. It has helped us focus on what is really important. We are now married as husband and wife and receiving this is both a gift and a blessing and something not to be taken for granted, especially in times like these when many people are alone, isolated and suffering. When we focus on what is important, every other extra detail fall into place as intended, which it certainly did on our special day. Our wedding was brimming with more joy, happiness, laughter and smiles than we could have ever hoped or imagined.”

This article was originally published on Jun 08, 2020

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