Hmm, bouquets or cupcakes? You decide.


I’m sure most of you can relate to me when I say that there’s nothing more stressful than coming back to work on a Tuesday morning (after the long weekend!) to endless amounts of e-mails. BUT, I was super-glad to see an e-mail waiting for me from Roxy at Roxycakes entitled ‘neat and interesting’. Immediately piquing my interest I scrolled to that message right away, and it just made my day to see these delicious cupcakes dressed to look like a bouquet. Here’s what she had to say on this creation of hers:

Hi Rosie,

I thought I’d forward this along since it’s so unconventional! One of my clients didn’t want a wedding cake – instead, she opted for an arrangement of “cupcake bouquets” on the cake table! Each bouquet holds 40 miniature cupcakes, for a total of 160 little treats! The vases are filled with Spanish moss and bear an elegant tag describing the cupcake flavour. In this case: madagascar vanilla cupcakes with white chocolate buttercream, crème brûlée and vanilla buttercream!

Enjoy :)


And enjoy we will!

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