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Tyler and I have been growing (this was a happy accident typo) through a lot lately. We just purchased our first home and are commuting between Toronto and Belleville, working our little butts off Friday through Sunday in the city and then we pack up and head home for the rest of the week. We’re striving for a life in balance. Owning a flower shop has proven to be the hardest work of my life and I feel now more than ever as I spend the year ahead planning our wedding, it’s time to work just as hard on creating a healthy, balanced life. I want to walk down the aisle towards Tyler as a healthy, rested, nourished and joyful woman.

Weddings can be stressful. I’ve had a first hand look at just how stressful they can be dealing with brides on a daily basis. I want to minimize the stress of planning a wedding as much as possible. I’d say the first thing we need to do to make life easier on ourselves is learn how to delegate. We might prefer to do it all on our own but life will certainly be easier if we can learn to let go. This is probably my biggest problem but I’m learning. Here at Coriander Girl I just hired my first employee. I never thought I’d be able to let go enough to have someone else come in. Now that I’ve done it and trusted someone else’s ability to make beautiful things, I feel a crushing weight has been lifted. I know this will happen in the planning of our wedding also. My job now is to enlist those who know and love me to help bring our vision to life. Are you able to let go?

The earlier we secure our vendors, the better of course. So, I will be setting up meetings with caterers, photographers, florists, and DJ’s as soon as we figure out how many guests we’re having. As a florist, I highly recommend booking this service as early as you can. Be prepared for substitutions on last minute orders. Some florists are so busy and might have to turn you away if they’ve already booked a few weddings on your day. And finally, this year as you plan your wedding remind yourself what it’s all about. It’s about love. Even if you offered your guests hot dogs and twinkies they should still love you — they might just have to stop for take out on the way home!
A slow song we love. First dance maybe? Click here.
Alison xo

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