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Going to the Chapel and We're Gonna Get Married

  |  By Judith Manzano

{Proof that we were destined to be married.}

*We’re not really getting married in a chapel; I just really like that song. I was actually singing it after we met with the priest...hehe*

It was important for both me and Mark to be wed in a church so what better a church than the one that plays a big part in both of our lives? St. Edwards Roman Catholic Church is not only the church that my family has been attending masses at all my life, but it is also where Mark attended elementary school. Can you believe that Mark and I actually had our first communion’s together and had no clue? It’s true! A few years ago, I was flipping through Mark’s childhood photo albums and when I got to the photos of his first communion, there was something strangely familiar with the photo. I visually scanned the photo and sure enough, I found my young self in the very same picture! Many years since that photo, Mark will once again be in a white tuxedo and I will once again be in a white dress and veil; walking down the very aisle that has been the central point of my day dreams since I was a little girl.

After booking the church and being filled with elation, everything else was just a bonus; we could’ve gone to McDonald’s for the ceremony and it wouldn’t have mattered to either of us. However true that might be, our wedding will not just be a celebration of our union but also the union of our two families. Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s a McDonald’s that has a dance floor and can accommodate the number of guests we’re expecting.

{The Skyview Ballroom set up for our best man and bridesmaid’s wedding.}

Grand windows cover two sides of the room and many beautiful chandeliers adorn the Skyview Ballroom at the Marlborough Hotel. Mark and I chose this venue for its central location, its capacity to comfortably accommodate the number of guests we’re expecting, the big dance floor, their flexibility in allowing us to bring our own cultural dainties for the late night snack and last but not the least, for the breathtaking view. With all the curtains drawn, the quaint room is transformed into an opulent ballroom. The changing colours of the sky, the twinkling lights of the city and the stars will be the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable evening filled with tears of joy, laughter and crazy antics with our closest friends and family. It’ll be beautiful! Sorry McDonald’s.

Being a crafty person and wanting to minimize costs, I had it set in my mind to make all the bouquets, boutonnières, corsages and

centrepieces. In preparation for this post, I had made arrangements to take photos of the ballroom and thought it would also be a great idea to take a picture of the table with a sample of my DIY centrepiece. The week of the photo shoot, my DIY project was not coming together the way I was hoping and it left me in a state of panic. I was so emotionally spent over the centrepiece that I was in tears as I complained to Mark over the phone. So I took my photos without my centrepieces and tried my very best to just move on. As so many things in life, one door closed and another one opened. A week later, Mark and I had an appointment with a florist whom my MOH gave amazing reviews about. Monica is the florist and owner of Timeless Florals which she runs out of her home. Within minutes of beginning our meeting, I was amazed at how accommodating and wonderful she was. I came unprepared for the meeting except for a rough idea of what I wanted my bouquet to look like. She knew exactly what flowers I was talking about and quickly zoomed through every role in our wedding party making great suggestions along the way. “Centrepieces: What are you doing about your centrepieces?” Yikes! That was a touchy subject for me that week. I just made a funny face—or at least I felt I did—and just looked at Mark. He read me so well and decided to ask the questions for me as he rubbed my back to ease my anxiety. He told her what I was planning to do and what kind of a nightmare it proved to be. Monica looked at me and smiled as I tried my best to hide my mix of emotions. She made me an offer I couldn’t refuse; Monica would make me the centrepiece that I was wanting, rent me the vase and the rocks with set-up and take-down for much less than half the price it would’ve cost me to make it. How do you not accept that offer? Not only was it much cheaper than what my DIY project would’ve cost me, it will be stress-free. I can have my sanity back! Monica’s beautiful arrangements and great customer service will cost us a small fraction of what a retail florist would charge for all our floral needs and centrepieces for the wedding. Monica’s so great to work with that she agreed—and was even excited—to make me a sample of my bouquet and centrepiece using silk flowers so that I can photograph them for this post. Aren’t the beautiful? Thanks Monica!!

Did any of your DIY projects fail horribly only to find an even better or less costly solution?
*Writing this post and preparing the photo of our first communion has sent my heart a flutter. I can’t wait to marry you crazy pantsit’s truly fate and now there are photos to prove it. Love you!*

This article was originally published on Apr 20, 2010

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