Gift Personality Profiler


Don’t know what to get your friends for the holidays? You may want to try the Personality Profiler on I heard about it through the radio this morning and thought that the concept was interesting enough to give it a try. All you do is connect through Facebook, click on a friend of your choice and somehow the app magically gathers data (I guess based on frequent words they use in their status, etc. etc.) and comes up with an array of potential gifts. Alternately, this program could come in handy for bridal party presents, if you’re stump on a thank-you gift. Piquing my interest, I gave the program a try, clicked on my friend’s profile and was instantly given an array of gifts stemming from a Juicy Couture Sundae Charm to a Victoria Secret sweater. How accurate was this? I’d say about 50/50, definitely a great place to start if you need help narrowing down a few items–certainly worth a try.

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