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Fun Ways For Your Wedding Guests To Share Newlywed Advice

  |   By Angie Kovacs

Once your rings are in place and vows are said, it's time to party! It's also a fun time to get your guests involved in your day by asking them for a little newlywed intel. Many couples love to ask their guests for their best advice about the wedding day with a few thoughts penned in the wedding guest book on site at the your wedding celebration. While this is a great way to engage with your people and glean some valuable life advice from their own experiences and preferences, don't be afraid to have a little fun with the comments and advice you ask your guests to share. Here are some less traditional questions that you can also ask that are fun to answer and for you to read and glean some life wisdom.

Romantic Song Selections If you and your partner are musically inclined,  it may be interesting to hear the love songs that your guests adore. This request will help you to build a sweet playlist for romantic evenings as well as help you to know your guests and their tastes better. 

Best Date Ideas It can be easy to run dry on date ideas or stick to the classic dinner and a movie. Have your friends and loved ones share some of their favourite outings and you’ll have plenty to keep you and your partner busy through your first year of marriage and beyond. 

How To Celebrate Anniversaries Some of your guests may have already been through a wedding anniversary (or many) themselves! Take some advice on how to spend your celebratory time in a year, or two, or ten. Not only is this helpful advice, but you may also learn more about how others have celebrated their love.

Parenting Advice If you are your partner are planning to start a family now is the perfect time to ask for some parenting advice. This is a funny question that helps you to plan for the future and shares with your guests that you are planning on starting a family together. 

Memorable Wedding Moments Your wedding day will be a rush of busyness and it will be difficult to have long conversations with each of your guests. Learning what they enjoyed on their own wedding day, or if you prefer about your special day, is a memorable keepsake that will help you relive your own wedding day as you read through them.

Looking Ahead It may be interesting to hear what your friends and loved ones think you and your partner will be doing in five or ten years. While you may have your own plans it’s fascinating to hear how your friends envision your future. These are great to look back on and see who predicted your future correctly!


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