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Fun Ways to Bond with Your Bridal Party

  |  By Alexandra Davies

Bonding with your bridal party is a great way to unwind and take a much-needed break from wedding planning. Plus, for members of your bridal party who don't know each other very well, a fun activity is a wonderful opportunity for them to get acquainted! Here are five of our favourite ways to bond with your bridesmaids.

1. Wine-Tasting Tour

Taking a wine-tasting tour can be a fun and educational bonding experience for you and the ladies in your bridal party. You'll be treated to fine wines, brush up on your wine knowledge, and most importantly, enjoy each other’s company. Wine tours allow you to break away with your bridesmaids and enjoy the finer things in life. If travelling far away isn't an option, consider hosting a wine party in your own home. This is also a great way to decide on and test out the wine you’ll be serving at your wedding reception.

2. Spa Day

Your bridesmaids are guaranteed to enjoy a calming day at the spa. Take your ladies to a local spa for some facials and massages to knead out those pre-wedding kinks. At most spas, bridal party packages are offered to keep costs down. Manicures and pedicures are another fun activity to do together. Bring your girls along to discuss wedding plans while you get polished up together. You can also pick what shades you might want to sport for the big day.

3. Dress Shopping

Shopping for bridesmaids' dresses together can be a great bonding experience. Make a day of it: meet for a delicious brunch and fuel up before hitting the shops! To make the process easier, discuss exactly what kind of style/colour/fit of dress you want prior to making the trip to the boutique. For some inspiration, check out these 60 inspiring bridesmaids dresses to spark some ideas.

4. Making DIY Projects

Recruit the girls in your bridal party to help you with your DIY projects. They'll be happy to lend a hand, and you can turn the work into play by planning a crafting party. Enlist your best ladies to help you create centrepieces, put together favours or bake yummy sweets for your dessert table. (Tip: While you create your projects, throw on a couple of wedding-inspired flicks, like Bridesmaids, for a full evening of fun!). Check out this list of some of our favourites.

5. Girl's Lunch Date

Gather the girls in your bridal party for a cute lunch date a week or so before your wedding. This is a great opportunity to experience a new place you've been dying to try. Opt for a restaurant that cooks your food right in front of you or a simple café that serves pastries and tea. Whatever your forte is, you all deserve a good meal and dessert (without the guilt) to relieve any pre-wedding stress. Take this time to gossip and reminisce on the past few months of wedding planning.


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